When Jesus Prayed


Awake, watching, praying, before he would make his sacrifice on that hallowed day, Jesus, Our Lord, thought of us. His one possession, his chosen people, his beloved Bride, he lifted up before the face of His Father. For the whole of humanity, he heaved and sighed. Having all the glory of true God and true man, he makes himself small, meek, vulnerable. His human nature shivers, beholding the divine. His divine nature gazes with compassion on the human.

The sinless, loaded with our burdens, the deathless, tasting our brokenness and the immutable, amidst our world of frivolity, hatred and chaos. Our Savior! Our pleading, praying Savior! How did he feel when pondering the cross to come, trembling in his vestments of flesh before history’s greatest sacrifice? His churning soul felt all our fear, our insecurities, toils, needs and longings. His strong hands which crafted, carved, blessed, absolved, fed the poor, cured the sick, drove out demons, folded most-lovingly. Our sweet oblation bowed his sweet head.

O pleading Savior, beg freedom for your people in exile. Make our prayers your very own!