My name is Rachel Gohlman. I have been a Roman Catholic for 6 years, amidst the joys, triumphs, failures and sorrows. I graduated from Bradley University in Peoria with a Bachelor’s degree in art. I live in Lake Wales Florida with my orange-tabby, Manx cat Pete. My hobbies include gardening, reading, writing, drawing, singing and finding myself in prayer. Recently, I’ve taken up embroidery. I am interested in nature, mythology, science, spirituality, the Latin language and traditional Catholic worship.  Eucharistic adoration is my peace, offering spiritual sacrifices for priests is my hope, the Liturgy of the Hours is my joy. To teach and hand on the faith is my passion.

You may know me from my blog, Catholic With A Vengeance, which originally started as an apologetics blog. Now I wish to share something new with my dear readers. These are reflections of my spiritual life, my love-affair with the Eucharist, of inner musings and tales of being relentlessly pursued by God. Please treasure them as I have treasured them. May they inspire you and fill you with love for Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, who has endless love for you.


Myself in blue


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Rachel,

    Thank you for your beautiful blog. My name is Susan Rodger. I am a member of the Emmanuel Community. I live in Oxford, England. I am writing because we would like to start an Emmanuel Community initiative here in England to pray for Catholic priests. We are designing a prayer card and wondered about using that lovely icon “Christ the Priest” which I saw on your “Catholic with a Vengeance” blog. I need to contact the icon painter or owner to request permission to use the icon. Are you able to tell me where the icon comes from and who publishes it?

    With love in the Heart of Jesus



    • Is it the one where he is wearing the green chasuble? If so, I think I found that one randomly online. If it is the icon where he has the red chasuble, it is from a place called Monastery Icons. Sorry I can’t help more.


  2. Why you draw me white?

    His feet were like BURNED BRASS (Revelation 1:15)
    His arms and his feet like in color BURNISHED BRASS (Daniel 10:6)
    I am a OLIVE FRUIT in the house of god (Psalm 52:8)


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