Young souls are suffering and being lost for lack of sound teaching. The world of increasing ugliness, materialism and absurdity threatens to drown all hope. Christ is the source of that hope. Young ears ache to hear his words, to be challenged and uplifted by the Gospel of God. Their hearts and souls deeply thirst to experience the transforming sacraments.

Masses of young souls are wandering around wanting desperately to know that this life is not all there is. Hunger for beauty, timelessness, goodness and truth is what will draw them into our churches. When they see the Church as not another organization but truly a body touched by the divine, their hearts will incline. Nothing of this world will draw them- nor anything of compromise or popular fashion. And should they find a church, how with such restlessness do they go from one to the other, begging for God? The most heartbreaking words you will ever hear a young person utter are that the Catholic Church sought to entertain them and not feed them, that they could not find an answer for their sufferings in an abundance of moral platitudes, that they could not find God in the Holy Mass.

Away with the banalities and ugliness! Away with the cowardly spirit that threatens to strangle our Catholic religion and cut off the channel of grace to millions of straying hearts!When will the hunger for authentic and relevant Catholicism be satisfied? When will the people turn away from vanities and empty humanism of which they eat and still die? When will they cry out: “We want the Eucharist!”?


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