12 Catholic Hymns that Sound Goth.

Let’s face it, a lot of Catholic hymns sound cushy and sentimental. But there are a few out there with serious, almost chilling lyrics. Catholics are not only lovers but battle-hardened soldiers who war against a myriad of dark forces. Our faith has what you could call a “dark side” featuring the futility of earthly things, death, heaven, hell and judgement.  We believe in angels, daemons and that noonday devil who threatens to ensnare our hearts.

More so, we aren’t afraid of the darkness and death. Our Savior died a gruesome death and rose from the grave three days later. He sits at the glorious right hand of God with thunder peals and fiery angels worshiping at his feet. The Catholic faith is an epic saga! Crucifixes, candles, skulls, graves and creepy things are nothing to cause us fear but rather aids of worship.

For your amusement, I present 12 Catholic hymns that sound totally “goth”:

  1. God whose almighty word, chaos and darkness heard.

– Only God can make the mayhem stop.

  1. O Sacred Head surrounded by crown of piercing thorn.

-So much pain…

  1. Now fades all earthly splendor… the shades of night descend.

-Everything on this earth will fade away… and the shades are coming.

  1. At the cross her station keeping, stood the mournful Mother weeping.

-Now Jesus’s mother is crying, stuff is going to go down.

  1. Lift High the Cross.

-This may fend off the hoard of demons knocking at your door.

  1. I heard the voice of Jesus say come unto me and rest.

-It’s time to die.

  1. Treasure out of Darkness.

– Come to the dark-side.

  1. May the choirs of angels lead you into paradise.

-Sounds Viking-ish. Let’s burn stuff.

  1. Awake O Sleeper

– Vampires of course.

  1. Out of the depths I have cried unto thee.

-Psalm 130. From the guy who also said: “Friend and neighbor you have taken away, my one companion is darkness. David was so goth.

  1. Let all mortal flesh keep silence.

-Be silent and tremble mortals!

  1. Day of wrath, lo day of mourning!

-Fire, ashes, death, last judgment? Dies Irae is perhaps the most metal hymn ever!



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