Awkward moment.

I scribbled on the chalk board as the youth came up with various violations of the 5th commandment: bullying, verbal abuse, suicide… A small joy ran through me at getting them to participate more this time. My own movements and demeanor became natural after seeing the kid’s faces day after day and learning their personalities. Moreso, my nervousness around the children was wearing off.

Suddenly, the classroom door opened and I heard the youth-group leader’s voice: “Father is here!”
I spun around, saw the priest enter wearing his white clerical shirt and dress-pants and then looked away. His strong, extroverted presence glowed as he greeted the youth and asked their names. I set my piece of chalk down on the table. Slowly, it began rolling away. Playing a sort of game, I stopped it then let it roll again then stopped it again.

     Now I realized I was standing in between Father and the children. Quickly I moved aside and stared at the priests’s elbow. It was just an ordinary elbow, bent and covered with fine hairs except for that one spot where elbows were always bald. Yer much as I thought of his humanity, I thought of the other self, the Christ self and lost my bearings in the faint glimmer of divine presence. However devout my thoughts may have been, I simply looked awkward.


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