Preaching the Eucharist, 2

One major way we can preach the Eucharist is by inviting others to the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, letting them see what we do in worship. “Jesus said, `Come and see.’ They went and saw the place where Jesus was staying.” – John1:39. Does our worship reflect our belief in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist? Does the church building and music lift our minds to God and to prayer? Do our gestures, words and actions point to Him? Are our prayers focused on His awe, majesty and eternal love? Attitudes towards the Mass where people are closed in on themselves and an impression of entertainment is given or where private agendas take central place, deprive the faithful. Any valid Mass that gives honor and glory to God, fills the faithful.

Sadly in this day and age, we are experiencing a climate where our Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is sometimes abused and misused in ways that can grossly point away from the real presence of Christ. People no longer believe in Jesus’s sacrifice in the Mass, they become confused as to why, what seems to be just a social gathering, is obligatory and central to their faith. They do not perceive the wondrous sacrifice unfolding before their eyes. Stripped of enriching symbols, the reality is hidden away from them. When Masses are celebrated without a sense God is truly there, people ultimately walk away. They walk away from the visible Church, from the Eucharist, from the Source of all life.

Unless something is done, something that is positive and respectful of our Church’s traditions while properly following the guidelines of Vatican II, division and spiritual famine will continue. We have a vast treasury of traditions, teachings, sacred music and symbols to make the liturgy responsive to the hungers of the world. When we put them to full use, the Eucharistic Lord will be boldly preached.


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